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肯天含硅脱模剂 Lusin® Alro OL 153 S


  • 产品名称:肯天含硅脱模剂 Lusin® Alro OL 153 S
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Lusin® Alro OL 153 S
Universal silicone release agent for plastic and elastomer processing

- for use up to 150°C mould temperature
- easy demoulding
- wide range of application
- can also be used as a lubricant
- long cycle time in mould – multiple demoulding


Typical Performance Characteristics(Code N° 203250):

Solid content (% by weight) Approx. 40
Flash point < -18 °C
Appearance Liquid, colourless

Product description:
LUSIN®ALRO OL 153 S is a universal release agent for demoulding of thermoplastic, thermosets and elastomer parts up to a mould temperature of 150 °C.

It is based on non-reactive silicone oils (dimethylpolysiloxanes) which are absolutely colourless and have no smell.

Special properties:
- excellent release and slip effect
- long cycle times – multiple demould possible

Application instructions:
As a release agent for demoulding of thermoplastics,thermosets and elastomers (except for silicone rubber). As a release agent and lubricant in the printing and packing industries. As a lubricant and polish for rubber and plastic parts.

Instructions for use:
Apply a fine even spray film to the clean mould paying particular attention to corners and undercuts.
To provide gloss the product should be applied as a fine film. Do not apply to parts which are to be treated(lacquered, galvanized, etc.)

Shelf life :
- 12 months
- Spray : 2 years

Storage / Handling:
For further information on storage, handling, hazards,etc. please refer to safety data sheet.
- spray can 400 ml / 12 cans per carton
Code No:: 001090
- ready-to-use / 1 l, 10 l, 20 l, 200 l,
Code No:: 203250



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